Do you have an idea that might improve our service? Have we done something that you think warrants a pat on the back? Or a rap on the knuckles? If you want to pass on a comment, compliment or complaint here’s the best way to go about it.


Tell us your thoughts

If you use or used to use any of our services, or you are acting for someone who uses our services, we welcome your comments, ideas and suggestions.

We welcome your views on:

  • any part of our service that we could do better or even that we do especially well
  • any decision we make that concerns you, or the person you act for
  • the way our staff or volunteers conduct themselves.

We want our service to meet your needs to the best of our ability and we want you to have a say in how we are run so will do our best to take your ideas and opinions on board.

These are the four most effective ways to comment on our service:

  1. Fill out the online comments form on this page. You comments will be then directly to right department at our head office.
  2. Fill in a printed comments form (or download and print one here) and post it in the comments and complaints box, which we regularly. The comments and complaints box is outside the Housing Coordinator’s office at sheltered schemes and in the reception area at our head office.
  3. Talk to one of our staff who will make sure the matter is followed up. They will also ask if you want to put your point across in writing, using a comments form. This makes sure we have a formal record of the points you have raised.
  4. Raise a matter at your residents’/tenants’ meeting. Again, you’ll be asked if you want to put it in writing, using a comments form.


How we will respond

If you have spoken to one of our staff or raised a matter at a meeting one of our staff will get back to you within five days to let you know our response. They might talk to you about it in person or over the phone, or they might write to you.

If you have filled in a comment form, we will write to you within five working days to let you know who is taking the matter up. You can expect a full response from us within another five working days. Everything we do is noted on the same form so that we have a clear and accurate record and can tell you who has done what, when and why.


Improving our service

Every three months each comment form is checked by a group of staff and managers. This helps us see what we do well. It also alerts us to any patterns or trends that suggest our service, or someone working for us, needs a changed approach.

Our complaints process keeps a check on past problems to help make sure mistakes are not repeated.


Problems with the service

We cannot always sort out every matter to everyone’s satisfaction and there are some problems we don’t have the power or resources to sort out. But if our service has failed you or you think our standards have fallen short please do complain!

Our formal complaints process is designed to put any wrongs right quickly and sensitively. Our leaflet on making complaints tells you how the process works and the best way for you to explain the situation so that we understand you clearly. The process has a number of stages so if one doesn’t put the matter right, hopefully the next one will.



How to get in touch with us

Speak to one of our staff or call in at our head office at:

HCHA Head Office
Ground floor
Ewart House
9 Richards Close

We are open between 9am and 5pm. You can also call us there on 020 8424 2776 or email