‘I definitely have no regrets about moving to Dashwood Court. I am now well enough to help other residents. Being here has enriched my life.’

Lorna Embury

‘I find the people and the way Jennifer and Christine look after me and everyone living in Gillian House very friendly. I like the safe environment and the area. We have a very good friendly community here.’

Sultan Aziz Solayman

‘I decorated my flat at Wolstenholme to my own taste, with new flooring and a new kitchen, and it’s my home now. I most love the peace and quiet but if I’m ever bored there are lots of activities, if I feel like attending.’

Brian Fay

‘After an operation I lost my sight in one eye and hearing in one ear. I didn’t want to live alone after that so moved to Dashwood Court. I have lovely friends – Connie next door and Mabel upstairs . We all have lunch together in the dining room and everyone gets along so well.’

Daphne Green

‘I have lived at Gillian House for over 10 years and cannot praise the care and attention enough. All the staff are very kind, thoughtful and friendly.’

Jamal Mehrab Ashna

‘I have lived at Wolstenholme for 21 years. It suits me down to the ground. My daughter lives a three-hour drive away but I never feel lonely here. There is always something to look forward to and that makes life sweeter. I especially enjoy Scrabble and the DVD film afternoons.’

Hazel Charman